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A neverending saga of a lifelong foot slave
By footslave doggie

Born with an extreme fetish for the female feet, I pride myself that my early initiation into the worship of pretty bare feet and high heels has helped me develop my thoughts on foot slavery and servitude over the past several years. I am very fortunate that my stepmother, Goddess Pamma, recognized this heavily ingrained trait of foot eroticism in me early on and promptly took it upon herself to nurture it to its fullest potential. As my first ever foot mistress, I cannot thank her enough for being such a foresighted and versatile teacher. Even to this day, I serve her along with a multitude of other mistresses. Goddess Pamma wasted no time in introducing her daughter, Goddess Gaeta to participate with her in my early training. They had often caught me stealing furtive glances at their feet when I thought they were not aware and smiled knowingly when I felt embarrassed about it. The mother-daughter domination duo thus laid the foundation for my servitude at their feet and a horde of other mistresses that joined in over the years. Hence, even to this day, in most of my scenarios, Goddesses Pamma and Gaeta play a very significant role in my training and discipline. While I served many, many foot mistresses that participated in my earlier years to perfect my servitude, there are now eight "resident" mistresses who all live together in this spacious house specially designed and equipped for the very purpose of my round-the-clock domination. As the only male slave qualified to serve all these mistresses, I pride myself in having earned this unique distinction and honor of being their "superslave", a title bestowed upon me after grueling years of intense devotion and dedication to my mistresses' sadistic pleasures. And I am constantly put through very demanding and arduous tasks to ascertain if I deserve to continue being their superslave. My fertile imagination and creativity has helped conceive a wide variety of scenarios with continuity from one episode to the next that blend together. My mistresses have devised a set of rules known as the "Ten Commandments for the Footslave" which form the crux for judging my behavior and the criteria for disciplining me, the ensuing punishment depending on how flagrantly or frequently these were violated. Having to serve so many mistresses simultaneously oftentimes results in conflicting commands that must be obeyed without incurring their wrath which is a constant challenge for any superslave!! Now, if I may, a brief introduction of my resident mistresses : Goddess Pamma and Goddess Gaeta are the two premier dominatrixes that started me off into the wonderful world of foot slavery. They look more like sisters than a mother/daughter duo that initiated me into serving at their feet and invited their friends of similar disposition to join in the fun! Of all my mistresses, these two are the most demanding, humiliating, sadistic and creative. The two of them either singly or together feature in many of my scenarios and their mere presence in the same room give me the shivers! Goddess Kandi,. a Raquel Welch look-alike right down to her extremely attractive feet, loves to humiliate me through food mortification and absolutely revels in conjuring up uniquely imaginative "foot feeding" scenes. She delights in my extended periods of food denial and puts me through a very extensive begging routine for any crumbs or scraps she and other Mistresses may condescend to allow every now and then. Goddess Sandi, a fiery tempered redhead, loves to play the "judge" at my mock trials when I am accused of violating any of the Commandments and "sentence" me to whatever punishment she fancied. Needless to say, she is unforgiving and I am always found guilty! Oftentimes, other mistresses join her as judges in the "courtroom trial" and the ensuing torture en masse to make me pay for my "crimes". Goddess AnnJoan, an absolute clone of Joan Collins as Alexis, the sexy vamp, in the TV series "Dynasty" is as conniving and vicious, her tongue as vitriolic and her commands as demanding. She is the latest addition to the lair of my resident mistresses and is adept at playing sadistic mind games. Goddess Purnie, extremely statuesque and the tallest of my mistresses, looks as if she is walking on stilts in her super high stiletto heels! She is unforgiving at the slightest sign of my succumbing to the onslaught of severe whiplashing and threatens me with even further punishment if I ever did! Goddess Pauletta and Goddess Afsa, the ever youthful glamour queens, are both very sexy and seductive, exploit their looks to the hilt to entice me to orgasm with their wily, provocative poses, only to deny me the pleasure. They put on some extremely steamy lesbian love scenes between themselves and with the others, invariably arousing me sexually and getting me into trouble. In addition to my "resident" Goddesses, there are several "Guest" Goddesses that drop in for those special events such as mass lesbian orgies, for my extended humiliation or join in as "the jury" in my trial scenes and otherwise participate to enhance my degradation. Sometimes, there have been as many as sixteen Goddesses I have had to serve without arousing the wrath of any - a monumental challenge even for a Superslave!! All my mistresses have a lot in common. They are all slim, mean spirited stern looking sadistic disciplinarians. Their absolutely gorgeous feet are without any blemish whatsoever, have beautiful high arches and long succulent toes and well shaped toenails that they love to show off in all exposing open toed stiletto heels. They prefer to keep them bare and not wear any hose or stockings that would otherwise impair the view of their satin smooth, silky white legs. For the same reason, they do not even like to wear any kind of boots. All my mistresses hate the male species with a passion and firmly believe they are only meant to serve womankind at their feet. They delight in engaging themselves in all-lesbian orgies frequently and at length. They relish the use of various whips, cat-o-nine tails, crops, canes and paddles for their sadistic pleasure. Though they are all dominant (no submissives here!), they get along with one another extremely well to conjure up the sessions for my humiliation and discipline Being a superslave does have its privileges. I do not share my mistresses with any other slave. Although always on a dog collar and leash, my arms and legs not restrained and I am permitted relative freedom of movement. To earn this privilege, I have had to endure many long and intense sessions of discipline and survive extremely painful torture from one, two, several, even all of my mistresses at the same time! Special equipment and facilities has been designed to constantly evaluate my capabilities and worthiness as a superslave. These are described in greater detail in the episodes that relate to specific situations as they unfold.


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